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Sexual Offenders and Predators

This application shows the location of the current residence for each convicted Sexual Offender and designated Sexual Predator in Miami-Dade County. The State of Florida requires notification to the local community and information, including a photograph of each registered offender. While the State makes every effort to insure the accuracy of this information, since individual circumstances may change rapidly, you are cautioned that the information may need to be further updated.

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The information in this database has been reported directly to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) by the Florida Department of Corrections and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. FDLE merely compiles and provides this information for public access, and does not independently confirm the accuracy of the information compiled and provided. It is FDLE's desire that the information contained herein be accurate and reliable. Any person who believes information provided is not accurate should contact FDLE by phone at: 1- (888) 357-7332 or via e-mail:

For more details see:

Florida law requires the FDLE to maintain an updated list of Registered Sexual Predators in this state after a court has made a written finding designating them as a Sexual Predator. Certain sex offenders must register directly with law enforcement or have information compiled by the Department of Corrections, with that information to be provided to FDLE. Florida law makes that information available to the public. This site provides you with public information regarding Sexual Predators and Sex Offenders.


Important Reminders:

Positive identification of a person believed to be a sexual predator or sex offender cannot be established unless a fingerprint comparison is made.
It is illegal to use public information regarding a Sexual Predator or Sex Offender to facilitate the commission of a crime.

This listing refers to sexual offenses, and may not reflect the entire Florida criminal history of a particular individual. A complete public record Florida criminal history can be secured from FDLE at the cost of $15 per subject requested.

FDLE tries to assure that the information presented here is accurate and current. Although FDLE updates this site on a regular basis, the information can change quickly.
You are cautioned that it is possible that information provided on this site may not reflect the current residence, status or other information regarding an individual.

FDLE has also established a toll-free number (1-888-FL-PREDATOR) or (1-888-357-7332) that allows the public to request information about Sexual Predators and Sex Offenders living in their communities and around the state. Requests may be made between the hours of 7am and 7pm, Monday through Friday.

For more information about these terms, see:

The 1997 Florida Legislature enacted provisions requiring registration and permitting community notification regarding "sex offenders." Not all "sex offenders" are "sexual predators", so in determining registration requirements, caution must be exercised in evaluating the offender's criminal history. Provisions for sexual offenders are found primarily in Florida Statute 943.0435.


Community Notification:

Information provided to the community and the public regarding a sexual predator must include:

The name of the sexual predator.
A description of the sexual predator, including a photograph.
The sexual predator's current address, including the name of the county or municipality if known.

Within 48 hours upon notification by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) of the presence of a sexual predator, the sheriff of the county or the chief of police of the municipality where the sexual predator establishes or maintains a permanent or temporary residence shall notify each licensed day care center, elementary school, middle school and high school within a 1-mile radius of the residence of the sexual predator.



Summary Report - (Displayed with map on home page.) Lists the number of Offender/ Predators found within the area displayed on the map. Each person's name and type of offense is listed. For more detail about each person, click on their name.

Case Details - includes details about the Offender/ Predator, including a photograph, current case status, physical attributes and current residence. Use the Person Number to refer to this person in official correspondence.



Sexual Predators / Offenders - Status Type Definitions
Provided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Status Type Definition
Absconded Fled from Florida Department of Corrections non-confined supervision/control or last reported address given to Florida Sexual Offender Registry.
Administrative Probation Form of non-contact supervision in which an offender who is determined to represent a low risk of harm to the community and, upon satisfactory completion of half the term of regular probation, is placed on non-reporting status until expiration of the term of supervision.
County Incarceration Confined in local jail facilities.
Community Control Form of intensive supervision, housed in the community, including surveillance on weekends and holidays, administered by officers with limited caseloads.
Deceased Official documentation of death received by Florida Sexual Offender Registry.
Deported Officially expelled from United States.
Escaped Fled from incarceration.
Federal Incarceration Confined in federal institution or serving a federal sentence in another jurisdiction.
Federal Supervision Under care custody or control of federal criminal justice authorities.
INS Custody Confined by United States Immigration and Naturalization Service at a designated state, local or federal facility.
Jimmy Ryce Confined or detained by Department of Children and Family Services under the Jimmy Ryce Civil Commitment Act.
Parole Post-prison supervision program. Eligible inmates have terms and conditions of parole set by the Florida Parole Commission.
Reported Deceased Reported death, no official documentation received by Florida Sexual Offender Registry.
Released No longer under total Florida Department of Corrections confinement.
Revoked Florida Department of Corrections Supervision/Community Control/ Administrative Probation has been cancelled/terminated.
State Incarceration Confined in a state facility.
Supervision Probation under a court-ordered term of community monitoring to include specified conditions and a specific period of time that cannot exceed the maximum sentence for the offense. Any form which requires directions and or monitoring by the Department of Corrections staff and/or the Florida Parole Commission
Supervision Terminated Official direction and monitoring cancelled.

Conviction - With respect to a person's felony offense, a determination of guilt which is the result of a trial or entry of a plea of guilty or nolo contendere, regardless of whether adjudication is withheld


A temporary residence is now defined as a place where the person abides, lodges, or resides for a period of 14 or more days in the aggregate during any calendar year and which is not the person's permanent address; for a person whose permanent residence is not in this state, a place where the person is employed, practices a vocation, or is enrolled as a student for any period of time in this state; or a place where the person routinely abides, lodges, or resides for a period of 4 or more consecutive or nonconsecutive days in any month and which is not the person's permanent residence.
A permanent residence is a place where the person abides, lodges, or resides for 14 or more consecutive days.



Quick Start Instructions:

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How to Search My Neighborhood?

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If you know the specific address, you can enter the Street Number, Direction, Street Name, and Street Type. The Zip Code is optional, but will help locate addresses if they could be located in more than one city.


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You can enter the Direction, Street Name and Street Type for two streets that intersect. The center point of the map will be the intersection you select.


Opens a window with a dialog box to enable location of addresses by Landmark.

Select a landmark from the provided list.


My Neighborhood Toolbar:

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